Church Member Retention Strategies, Tactics and Tools
Church Member RetentionStrategies, Tactics and Tools

 Need help…  

  • Keeping in touch with your growing congregation?
  • Finding the “blind spots”-- issues obvious to some of your members but not to your church leadership?
  • Knowing who might "vote with their feet” before they actually leave?
  • Knowing more about your members’ spiritual growth needs? 


The Member Retention Survey is a professional e-survey, delivered to your congregation once every two years to help you benchmark both the Spiritual Maturity levels of your members and determine which demographic groups are most/least likely retention risks.  The retention risk methodology is similar to those used by corporate America to determine Employee Engagement. 






To explore church member retention opportunities please contact Roger Ferguson at rogerferguson@isihrconsulting.com


Check Church's mission is to assist Christian churches in gathering and utilizing data to acquire, maintain and grow their membership, all to further both the earthly and heavenly kingdoms of God.



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